Interfaith Community Services was established in 1979 and formerly incorporated in 1982 by 14 diverse faith communities. Over the years, hundreds of faith communities have participated in “Helping People Help Themselves” through donations, volunteer services, and through referrals for those in need. As members, faith communities help to shape Interfaith’s work, through dialogue at General Membership meetings, by voting in board members and most recently by providing chaplains to work with our residential clients. Faith is more than a part of our name, it is a way of offering hope to many who feel their lives have become hopeless. We believe diverse faiths working together change lives and enhance the broader community of North County.

General Membership

Our Faith Community partners agree to support Interfaith Community Services in the following way(s):

Monetary Donations In-kind Donations Volunteer Support

When: Wednesday  June 12th at 9:30A.M.


Interfaith Community Services

550 W. Washington Ave. Escondido, CA 92027

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Faith Based Mental Health Academy

The Faith-based Mental Health Academy is a free resource for Faith Communities and their leaders, sponsored by the County of San Diego. We provide trainings (multiple topics) and community presentations (single topics). All Faith Communities are welcome to ask for assistance to better understand what mental illness is, how to support those who suffer from it, where they can receive treatment, and how Faith Communities can help people thrive.

Click to view the Faith-Based Mental Health Resource Guide in English or Spanish.

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For more information please contact:
Martha Garzon or
Maria Halbert

Chaplaincy Program

We are hopeful that our member faith communities will serve a vital role in supporting our clients as we grow and expand our chaplaincy program, that addresses the spiritual needs of those seeking services to supplement the physical and mental needs met by our staff. 

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Faith Liaison

Mitchell Snow has been working for Interfaith Community Services since 2016 as a Case Manager, Program Manager, and now Faith Liaison. He has been engaging in meaningful service projects with Interfaith Community Services since he was 9 years old when his faith community first did a group project to help clean up the area around low-income apartments. Since then, Mitchell has found purpose and joy in taking advantage of opportunities to serve. He is now able to live out that purpose by helping Faith Communities find opportunities to partner with Interfaith to make an impact in the community. 

Faith Community Service

Looking for an opportunity to support people in need alongside your faith community? We would love to support you in planning a personalized service project that allows you to engage in meaningful service that meets the needs of our clients. Please fill out the information below so that we can begin the process of planning your next group service day!

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