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Bring your love of numbers and people together by volunteering to prepare tax returns for those with limited incomes. Your help will enable taxpayers to receive proper tax credits and refunds, to their delight! Volunteering with the VITA program is unexpectedly rewarding. The people we serve are extremely grateful for the gift of your time and effort.

VITA Coordinator:
• Carlos Duarte

Time Commitment:
• This is an ongoing (January through April 18), weekly commitment
• One shift per week or multiple shifts per week – minimum 4 hours per week
• Weekday, weekend, and evening shifts available

Key Responsibilities:
• Attend new and/or refresher tax law training as needed, including training on the
use of electronic filing software.
• Successfully pass a test on required tax law knowledge.
• Maintain confidentiality of client information.
• Interview clients regarding all income, deductions and allowable credit(s).
• Provide high-quality assistance to all taxpayers. Directly prepare taxpayer’s return based on information provided by taxpayer and answers to tax related inquiries.
• Prepare only those tax returns for which you are trained and certified to do.
• Prepare tax returns using electronic filing software
• Ensure use of Interfaith or IRS equipment only, which include laptops and cellphones.
• Ensure no compensation of any kind is accepted for the volunteer services provided.
• Ensure onsite quality review is performed on completed returns prior to being returned to customer.
• Ensure a copy of the completed return is provided to the taxpayer.
• Maintain accurate file notes and ensure the highest standards of client confidentiality at all times.
• Assume other duties as delegated by site coordinator.

Training and Support:
• Basic tax training and certification will be provide as needed. No prior tax
preparation experience is necessary, just an enthusiasm to help and learn.
• Volunteer Coordinator provides general orientation on services and programs provided by Interfaith Community Services.
• Ongoing oversight from supervising staff to provide direction, training and feedback on specific program and department activities, procedures, priorities, performance, and agency updates.

• Must clear criminal background check.
• Established experience in customer care / client relations required.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills including math, vocabulary, grammar and spelling in English.
• Proven interpersonal skills with the ability to easily work with a diverse population.
• Demonstrate poise, tact, diplomacy and empathy when working with clients and visitors.
• Ability to establish quick rapport with clients.
• Absolute solid values: honest, loyal, hardworking, and sincere.
• Accomplish assignments successfully through your professionalism, leadership skills, wisdom, initiative, good judgment, and strong attention to detail.
• Proficient with computer applications.

Screening Requirements:
• FBI / DOJ Background check

• Engage with and impact your community in a hopeful way, making a difference every day.
• See the positive results of your contribution of time and talents.
• Experience working in a professional business office environment.
• Interact with a diverse population of community members.
• Résumé building experience and networking opportunities

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