Computer Lab Assistant (Fri)



550 W Washington Ave. Escondido, CA 92025


Start Time

8:00 am

End Time

12:00 pm



One of the largest contributing factors to homelessness is unemployment or underemployment. Support those looking to improve their lives by assisting them with their search for employment. Also, help people to improve their computer skills be teaching them Microsoft Office Suite and Google Doc applications. By providing one-on-one computer tutoring, help with résumés, online applications and basic computer programs, you will provide community members in need with invaluable tools necessary to reach self-sufficiency.

Supervising Staff Member:
• Jessica Elliot Pomerenke, Supportive Services Program Manager

Time Commitment and Current Openings:
• This is an ongoing (6+ months), weekly commitment
• Once a week, on Friday (except for 1st Friday of the month).
• Fridays 8:30 am to 12:00 noon

Key Responsibilities:
Assist clients with the following as-needed:
• Creating, formatting, and saving MS Word, Excel, and/or Google Docs
• Navigating the internet
• Résumé and cover letter guidance
• Completing employment applications; job search/employment research
• Creating/accessing an email account
• Creating a profile in LinkedIn and utilizing it as an employment resource
• Applying for and/or researching school and training opportunities

Training and Support:
• Ongoing oversight from supervising staff to provide direction, training and feedback on specific program and department activities, procedures, priorities, performance, and agency updates.
• Office equipment including telephone system, photocopy machine, computer equipment, etc.
• False Claims Act (Federal and State).
• HIPAA guidelines.
• Mandated Reporter training.

• Knowledge of computer systems, computer applications and databases (e.g., MS Office – Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
• Experience using the internet as a resource and tool to learning and success
• Enthusiasm and experience teaching basic computer skills and software
• Good verbal and written communication skills
• Good interpersonal skills and the ability to work with a diverse population

• Engage with and impact your community in a hopeful way, making a difference every day.
• See the positive results of your contribution of time and talents.
• Experience working in a professional business office environment.
• Interact with a diverse population of community members.
• Résumé building experience and networking opportunities.

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