William, 11th Grade



William joined Interfaith Transitional Youth Academy program in August 2022. William is currently a
junior in High School. He recently has begun working part time job to be able to help pay for his own
expenses and help parents pay bills. William lives with both his parents, younger brother and
grandparents. This school year, William’s goal is to maintain good grades and catch up with credits to be
able to have an easy senior year next year. He states that at times he feels like he is lonely and doesn’t
have anyone to talk to at home and it is why he is thankful to be able to talk to his Case Manager on
campus. William continues to work with Case Manager every day on coping with his feelings and
catching up on school assignments. William is also looking forward to discover a new hobby on the side
since he no longer is a dancer and no longer performs for Quinceneras. William said he is getting older
and his coach was demanding to much of his time and is the reason why his academics suffered. William
now is strictly focused on school and working and his goal is to also be able to save money and buy a car.