Mariana, Senior



Mariana is a high school senior. Mariana lives with both her parents and sister. Her Mother is the sole provider for the family and is who pays all bills. Mother is a house cleaner for a hotel and works long hours and at times all week. Father is unable to work due to being disabled. Her father had an injury in his arm about a year ago and has not been able to work. Mariana has been going through a tough time since the passing of her uncle in July. Mariana and her mother went to Mexico over the summer for her uncle’s burial and ceremony. Mariana expresses her family in Mexico are extremely poor. Her family in Mexico constantly go out and pick out food in the hills for the week like vegetables, beans, fruits etc. Her uncle passed away while out picking food. Her uncle fell into a trench and hit his head, instantly passing away. Mariana continues to grieve along with all the emotions of being her last year in High School. Mariana goal for the year is to stay on track on graduating with honors and pursuing a career as an ultrasound technician or becoming something in the medical field.