Macie, Senior



Macie is a high school senior. She has been part of Interfaith Transitional Youth Academy for four years now. She has had her ups and downs when it comes to her mental health. Macie has been dealing with suicidal ideation and self-harming. She has discovered and found a way to cope with her emotions and uses journaling and painting as an outlet for her emotions and feelings. Macie has been working hard and has been able to remain clean for months without self-harming but however now expresses the financial burden her parents have. Her family of seven had to bring in Macie’s cousin and her husband into their home for a year while they work on some legal items. Macie expresses a higher demand on food and not being able to have enough at times. She was proactive and completed one of Interfaith TYA summer internship to help pay for her own expenses and assist with groceries in the household. Macie now continues on staying on track for graduation and actively seeking a part time job to help pay for her senior year expenses.