Kim, 11th Grade



Kim is a high school junior. Kim is passionate about her family, soccer and school. She enjoys playing soccer in her spare time, as well as playing with her family. Playing soccer has been an outlet for Kim when she is struggling with her emotions and has utilized it as a tool to not only overcome life’s stressors but also has taken this as an opportunity to bond with her family. Some personal and education goals she is striving towards are focusing on improving her self-esteem and maintaining her GPA for soccer.

In the past, experiencing financial hardships has been difficult for Kim and her family which has been an additional factor that has negatively affected her mental health. Without having the stability of basics needs met this has created stress at home life. Kim has been actively participating in Interfaith’s TYA summer internships to be able to pay for her own expenses and assist with paying for groceries. Kim is resilient and resourceful in her ability to find a network and community around her to better support her emotionally and socially. Kim would like to continue her educational goals by attending a 4-year university or vocational programs. Interfaith Transitional Youth Academy has positively impacted her by forming new relationships with peers and creating lifelong skills that can be applied into future settings both professionally and socially.