Jonathan, Senior



Jonathan is a senior who has been in the TYA Program going on two years now. Jonathan also participated in the TYA Internship Program over the summer. Jonathan currently is still working after school at Crown Heights Resource Center, and he really enjoys it. He comes from a two-parent household, and he is the oldest of three children. Jonathan sees how hard his parents work to provide and he is very determined to set a good example for his two younger brothers to look up to. His mom and dad’s highest education is some high school, but they did not finish. He is so proud to be the first one in his family to graduate from high school. Jonathan enjoys going to the gym and he says it helps him stay disciplined and on track. He not only uses it as an outlet to relieve stress, but it also doubles as a hobby. After high school Jonathan has plans to either enlist in the military or attend trade school to pursue his goal of owning his own manufacturing business. He has also considered channeling his passion for fitness into a potential business in personal training.