Jerry, 11th Grade



Jerry is a Junior in High School, who was been enrolled in Interfaith Transitional Youth Academy since
2021. Jerry is looking forward to working hard and saving money so that when he gets his Driver’s
License he is able to buy a car. Case Manager was able to support Jerry with walking him through the
steps of obtaining his work permit and completing all necessary documents. Jerry is currently balancing
going to school and working during the week and weekend. Keeping the balance is important to him, in
order to maintain his employment, he also needs to maintain his grades, he states that Interfaith
Transitional Youth Academy has been helpful when making up assignments or needing support in Math.
Between work and school, Jerry has not been able to continue playing soccer as much as he would like,
however this year he plans to try out for the school soccer team. Playing soccer has always been a
passion for him and he hopes that he is able to balance everything with the support of his teachers, Case
Manager and even peers. Jerry has found comfort in the space that Case Managers have created for all