James, 11th Grade



James is a high school Junior and is currently on the Junior Varsity football team at his school. Being part of the team has given him a new perspective on learning about teamwork, work ethic and the importance of having community. James also considers himself to be very family oriented, he has a younger sibling who is 9 years old. James wants to be a positive role model to his younger brother by being protective and giving her someone he can look up to.

This past year has been difficult for James and his younger brother, grieving the loss of his grandfather and the separation of his parents has been challenging for him. With these recent changes James has found difficulty in the change in family dynamic in the household and feels the need to give more support to his mother during this hard time. Not having his father in the house has been challenging since he no longer has that immediate support. He has begun to explore creating new connections in order to have additional support in navigating these new challenges and overcome the sense of loneliness. The support of his friends and Interfaith Transition Youth Academy Case Managers has been influential in James’s success.

James would like to go to college after graduating high school and continue to play college football. James has aspirations of incorporating his passion for football to lead him to success in the academic world and potentially as a professional athlete.