Jaime, 11th Grade



Jaime has been in TYA program for 1 year. Jaime is a Junior in High School. He lives in a household of five
with a single mother and three siblings. Jaime’s mom cleans houses to be able to support her kids
however it does not cover all the expenses needed to cover for some of Jaime’s school supplies. For
example, Jaime has been struggling on PE due to not having PE clothes. Jaime believes that familia is
important and checks in with his younger brother to make sure he is doing well and has everything he
needs. He has offered to help his younger brother get clothing and other basic needs. Jaime has shared
interest in getting employment to help pay for some of the bills and cover his own expenses. Jaime is
working very hard this year to make sure that he does not fall behind academically and has a smooth
senior year. Jaime says that after graduation he wants to work at an auto shop fixing cars and modifying