Ignacio, 11th Grade



Ignacio is a Junior attending High School. Ignacio is new to Interfaith’s Transitional Youth Academy
program and has been enrolled since August 2023. Ignacio came in seeking emotional support and
wanting to join the program due to his friends expressing having somewhere on campus to talk to an
adult staff and receiving help when needed. Ignacio expressed about 2 years ago he lost one of his best
friends to gang violence. They were at a party late at night around 10:30pm. Ignacio was 13 years old at
the time and his friend was 15 years old. Ignacio went back inside the house to grab them and on his
way back to the car he saw three people with guns right by the car telling his friend to get out. Ignacio
expressed being scared and hid behind a gate, then he heard gun shots. He heard his friend scream and
he saw the three people run away. Ignacio called the ambulance and his friend was pronounced dead at
the hospital. Ignacio has been battling with the thought that his death was his fault because he wanted
to go to the party and didn’t stop the people. For months he couldn’t eat, sleep or do anything and his
parents didn’t even know about it. But the more months past, he realized that it wasn’t his fault and
realized his friend was part of the gang life and he couldn’t do anything to stop that from happening. His
friend’s birthday is October 21st and Ignacio’s birthday October 31st. He expresses October is a hard
month for him but has been able to honor his memory now and has made him a stronger person.
Ignacio now is focused in school and obtaining good grades and has challenge himself by taking AP
classes. Ignacio currently is on track for graduating next year and is still figuring out what he wants to do
in the future.