Greg, 11th Grade



Greg is a high school junior. He was born and raised in Los Angeles. It was until 2017 that his siblings and mother moved to Oceanside for the safety and well-being of their family. Greg lost his uncle due to gang violence and was one of the other reasons his family left as well. The family witnessed many crimes and violence just outside their door year after year. It wasn’t until their mother decided to pack up everything and leave with her children, leaving behind the father of her children due to domestic violence as well.
Greg’s mother is now a single mother who takes care of her 5 children. Greg states how hard it has been for them not having their father in their everyday life and seeing how difficult it is to see his mother struggle pay bills and food. Greg recently secured a job at a grocery store and has been helping pay for his own expenses and helping with groceries at home. Greg’s goal is to become a better version of himself and work towards obtaining better health and getting good grades.