Briana, Senior



Briana is a high school senior who lives with mom and three older brothers. Her father has not been part of their lives due to being in out of prison and recently being deported. Briana’s grandma also lives with them and helps Mother pay for bills and rent. Briana’s older brother battles being schizophrenic and currently is experiencing homelessness. Briana and her family have tried multiple times helping him get medicated and joining rehabilitation programs, however brother relapses and chooses to leave.

Briana currently is looking for employment to be able to pay for her senior activities and her own personal expenses. Briana continues to work on applying for scholarships to cover her college tuition to pursue her passion of becoming either a therapist or counselor. Briana has been able to successfully secure being a participant of the Simon Scholar Program. The Simon Scholar program is designed to help students facing difficult life and economic circumstances to excel academically and socially so they can successfully complete a 4-year college degree.