Ava, 11th Grade



Ava is a junior attending High School. She lives with her parents and her two siblings. She had been

enrolled in the Interfaith Transitional Youth Academy since August 2022, and constantly seeks out

social/emotional support from Case Manager. Ava has stated that she feels safe and a sense of

community when she is with Case Manager and other students that are also enrolled. She has had

difficulty making it to school and completing assignments due to lacking emotional support at home. Her

goal is to start doing more self-care activities, going on walks, and working on her passion with painting

and drawing. Ava states that that painting and drawing is a passion she found to help whenever she

feels sad or upset. Another one of her goals is to reach out to teachers about being able to make up

tests and assignments to hopefully raise her grades, she has started reaching out to other tutoring

resources on campus. This past summer was difficult due to losing one of her dogs because of old age,

this is the first time she has had to face losing a pet and it was difficult express how she was feeling at

the time and even now. With the support of her Case Manager and the community that Interfaith

Transitional Youth Academy has created, Ava continues open up and has started sharing more about

herself and what she enjoys.