Alan, Senior



Alan is a senior who has been in the TYA program going on two years now. Alan is a student athlete and his sport of choice is football. He has played all four years of high school all while helping out his mother. He is the oldest of five siblings and his parents are currently divorced so being a good example for his siblings is something Alan takes great pride in. Maintaining being a student athlete for four years has taught Alan the importance of disciple and routine. In order to keep himself balanced, Alan makes sure he goes for a jog in the mornings and the gym in the afternoon outside of what he does with his team. Over the summer he was a part of the TYA Internship program and he worked as an intern for City of Carlsbad in the HR department. He has hopes and plans to attend university after he graduates and because he enjoyed the internship so much he would like to pursue a career doing something similar when he is done with his schooling.